“The coaching has provided me with the tools and inspiration to become the most effective Realtor I can be regardless of the market conditions! It’s been a fabulous investment in my future!”

- Cam, Broker Associate, Altera Real Estate



Work Smarter vs. Harder.  Tools and marketing strategies are great, but if not implemented will not get you what you need. Coaching is about implementation, it is a necessary ingredient for success in any personal endeavor. Coaching is about leverage, leveraging your own strengths and values as well as leveraging the experience and knowledge of others along the way. Those involved in YourRECoach.com program get full access to our nationally recognized Mastery Coaching Program to bring you:


- Best Practices interviews with top agents from around the country. Interviews include topics on how to get REO Contracts, how to streamline and ensure a fast turnaround on short sales, how to generate 48 closed transactions out of every 100 people you have in your SOI, how to generate unending leads utilizing social media, how to establish relocation accounts, how to attract media's attention to become the expert in your community, how to dominate local market share with 'New School' farming, how to out position your competition through low cost branding, how to reclaim your life and work 25 hours a week while generating 500k in commissions a year, how to leverage relationships with local business owners to close 20 transactions for every 10 relationships, and much, much more...

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- Marketing Modules as well as how to implement them in real time. The short list of topics that are included are: Marketing to Investors, Fire Services Program, Private Client Group Program, Marketing to First Time Buyers, Teacher Award Program, Marketing to Retirement Home Buyers, Pre-Expired Program, Marketing to Move Up Buyers, Un-Represented Seller Program, Marketing to Luxury Sellers and Buyers, Veteran Program, Marketing to Vacation Home Buyers, Relocation Program, Marketing to Downsizing Sellers, Board of Directors Program, Marketing to Trophy Home Buyers and Sellers, Medical Services Program, Youth Sports Programs, Parent Award Program, Business to Business Program, Outstanding Student Award, Business Legacy Award, Law Enforcement Program, CPA Referral Program, Utilizing PAN's, and much, much more...

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- Interactive Mastermind groups with top agents sharing what is working in today's marketplace. Topics include: Internet Advertising and Marketing, Prospecting on the Internet, Social Media, Listing Presentations, Sphere of Influence, Financial Management, Working with Buyers, Business Structure, B2B programs, Working with Sellers, Traditional media and farming, Web sites, Prospecting and much, much, more...

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-Support of a team of industry experts, coaches and subject matter experts (SME's) on how to pull together all key aspects to ensure your success.

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-Daily tips, inspiration and ideas to keep you on the cutting edge and ahead of your competition. Although we preach balance and taking days off every week in addition to developing a business that allows for extended vacations (3 months without your cell phone), we understand that we have clients who work a variety of days within the week. Because of this we push out tips, tools and motivation every day of the year. Some days they are short, someday's they are longer, but every day you will receive a few minutes of cutting edge information to focus you on being ahead of your competition.

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Coaching is a piece of, but not everything, in the overall package. As a member of YourRECoach.com, Real Estate Business Advisors' Individual Agent Program, you also get the Marketing, Training and Tools support as well for one low price. Click here to get started!


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