Our Core Values

Authenticity, Community, Identity, Leadership, Passion and Simplicity


What We Believe

We believe in empowering profitable businesses through service to those we influence by fostering a culture of integrity filled servant leadership.

We believe in a passionate commitment to creating an environment of excellence where every client has the freedom to achieve their God given potential.

We believe in a community where every person is cherished and celebrated.

We believe we need to have the courage to lead the industry as an example and to become the standard by which others are measured.


Meet the Team

Chris Pollinger

Chris Pollinger is a nationally recognized speaker, motivator and coach who specializes in helping clients make the paradigm shift from success into significance through building a stable, profitable and saleable businesses, breaking through their personal and business barriers while re-orienting around their core values and strengths.  He is the creator and director of the proprietary Mastery Coaching, Performance Coaching, and Legacy Coaching systems which has set the standard for working with the real estate industry elite.

He has been a member of The National Speakers Association, a member of the NSA's Business Coaching Professional Experts Group, a member of the NSA's Facilitator's Professional Experts Group, a member of the NSA's Motivational and Keynote Professional Experts Group, a member of the NSA's Sales Experts Professional Experts Group, a member of the NSA's Seminar and Workshop Leaders Professional Experts Group, Former Director of the Orange County Association of Realtors, and Certified Instructor for Quality Service Certification. He holds a California Department of Real Estate Broker’s License, is registered as an Investment Advisor Representative with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), and the North American Securities Administration Association (NASAA). He is a graduate of The Master’s Program, member of The Barnabas Group and holds the advanced real estate designations of Quality Service Certification (QSC) and Certified School and Community Advisor (CSCA).

Before starting Real Estate Business Advisors, Mr. Pollinger served as the Director of Coaching at Altera Real Estate (Formerly RE/MAX Real Estate Services) running the coaching and training at an organization that handled over $4.3 billion in real property in 2006 and ranked 6th in the nation for per-agent productivity. 

He also is responsible for the National Coaching Division of the Professional Realty Council, and is co-founder of Reap Investments, LLC. With over 13 years of real estate experience, and over 15 years of experience in high-impact training and coaching with industry leaders, executives, brokerages and teams, Chris has become a highly sought after authority.  He has been involved in launching numerous business start ups and assisting growing companies in both the private and non-profit sectors while analyzing business strategies, viability and growing profitability.


Arthur Anzalone

“The essential thing is action. Action has three stages: the decision born of thought, the order or preparation for execution, and the execution itself. All three stages are governed by the will. The will is rooted in character, and for the man of action, character is of more critical importance than intellect. Intellect without will is worthless, and will without intellect is dangerous.”  -Hans von Seeckt

Arthur Anzalone is a nationally recognized leadership consultant and performance enhancement expert. Arthur specializes in the accurate diagnosis of gaps in corporations, and small businesses, recommending positive and realistic courses of action, and the development of systems designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of individuals and organizations as whole.

With over a quarter century of leadership experience, Arthur enjoys mentoring and passing on lessons learned in the areas of change, challenges, and personal development. Arthur Anzalone has served his country as an officer in the United States Marine Corps and has successfully led Marines in combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a highly decorated combat veteran Arthur knows what it takes to embrace change and uncertainty in an extremely fluid and dynamic environment or situation. He also knows how to adapt, improvise, and overcome and how to train others in doing the same. If you seek to increase your ability to influence others or seek to reform your corporate culture, Mr. Anzalone will not only assist you in developing your plan of action, he will help you implement it as well. If you simply want to build on an already solid foundation, he will enjoy assisting you or your company on the road from “good to great”. After all, it’s not about being productive, it’s about being effective.

Arthur has also been blessed with enormous success in the commercial realm as well. He has been named as one of the “Top 200 Realtors in Orange County” and has netted over half a million dollars every year he’s been involved in real estate, all the while having a lean support structure with quality and willingness to grow being the hallmark of his staffers. In his first year in real estate he won “Rookie of the Year” and in his second year in real estate he was recognized as being in the top 1% of the top 1% in sales worldwide in the largest real estate company in the world. Once again proving that salesmanship is essentially leadership, leadership demands credibility, and credibility is based in character. Many are called but few are chosen. If you wholeheartedly feel that you or your company should take it’s place in the ranks the chosen few, then Arthur will gladly give all that he has to show you how to start strong, stay strong, and most importantly, finish strong.

Arthur is currently serving his country once again as a tactics instructor and leadership consultant to the Marine Corps and other government agencies and military organizations. He is also in the process of writing a book on the successful integration of character-based leadership, group dynamics, and psychology in warfare from biblical times to the present War on Terrorism. He also enjoys martial arts, reading, sculpting, and creative writing as hobbies.

Arthur lives in Southern California with his wife Angela and his lovely daughter Renee.


Tim Wilcox

Tim Wilcox is the principal of APOGEE Communications, based in Orange County, California, and now in the Seattle area as well. During much of the 1990s, Tim was marketing director for the famed Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. He's filled that role for the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra and other organizations, too. Additionally, Tim has been a writer and editor for more than 20 years, with articles appearing in local, regional and national publications. He also was a writer and editor for Hobbs/Herder in Newport Beach--an agency recognized as a branding and marketing leader for the real estate industry.

Tim formed APOGEE Communications in 1998. He currently works with an expert graphic designer, logo artist and photographer. Collectively, they've served more than 300 real estate professionals in the areas of branding, other areas of marketing, website text and various types of design.


Justin Smith

Justin is the owner of and is the creator of the PropertyIndexer system and he's passionate about search engine marketing and helping people become successful online. Being raised in a real estate family, Justin has developed the very rare combination of understanding the needs of real estate professionals and creating solutions that bring effective simplicity to generating tech solutions that work really, really well.

Here is a brief section about Justin

  • Been engaged in internet marketing & blogging since 2001
  • In 2002 created one of the largest membership based real estate networks in the country with over 1,700 members.
  • He has helped countless clients with search engine marketing consultations and hands-on SEO work.


Keith Mallos

Keith is one of those guys that lights up the room as soon as he walks in. With a background in the fasion industry, he applied his knowledge of all things cool and how to spot trends before they happened to achive a tremendous amount of success as an agent and team leader with RE/MAX in the coastal and sophisticated luxury communities in Southern California.

As a guru of marketing and building culture and loyalty, he became a nationally recognized exectutive who specialized in retention and recruting with one of the largest RE/MAX franchises in the world.

His latest endevours have lead him into creating cutting edge marketing and recruting systems for both the consumer facing side as well as the follow up and back end management.


Shane O'Reilly

Shane background in direct sales and mortgage have made him a deadly force within the real estate industry. He currently is an executive with the Professional Realty Council, Inc. promoting excellence and higher standards within the real estate industry.

Shane is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and has successfully coached thousands of people into better positions both personally as welll as in business.


Mark Rembert

Mr. Rembert is a former Marine, currently working as a supervisor and project manager with the Department of Defense managing an organization that handled over $641 million in military assets in 2006. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree graduating magna cum laude. Mr. Rembert has 9 years of investing experience employing a focus investing style using value based and behavioral finance concepts, as well as utilizing derivatives in a comprehensive investment approach. Mr. Rembert has 10 years of experience in project management and process analysis. He has been involved in assisting business start ups and analyzing business strategies and viability. Mr. Rembert is certified in Franklin Covey Project Management and as an ISO 9001 2000 Lead Auditor. He is also a certified instructor by the Department of Labor for OSHA General Industry Training. Mr. Rembert has worked with the Internal Revenue Service’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs helping military families and retirees prepare tax returns and analyze tax liabilities and strategies.

Mr. Rembert received a Department of Defense Special Act Award three years in a row (2005, 2006, and 2007) for his role as a supervisor and project manager. He has received a Navy Achievement Medal from the Center of Naval Analysis. Mr. Rembert most recently received a Department of Defense achievement award, presented at the Pentagon in 2007, for his role as a team leader and project manager in supply chain integration and business process improvement.

Mr. Rembert uses his unique experiences and qualifications in project management and process analysis to analyze businesses and investment opportunities, and provide project management and consulting services.

Mark lives in San Clemente, CA with his beautiful wife April and their two kids Christian and Kayli


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